The Sun Fresh Water team, including our founders, graduate students at the City University of New York (CUNY), research and analytics team, marketing and communications team and investors share one thing in common: we see huge potential in making a real difference – at scale – to finally find ways to bring clean water to all global citizens.

Here are just a few organizations we admire for their great work, including the Global Water Partnership, which we are members of. As Sun Fresh Water continues to advance our technology and build our team and company, we look forward to working with each of these organizations, and many more.

It truly does take a village!

Blue Planet Network

Blue Planet Network’s website features stories of funders, NGOs, and individuals coming together on an online platform to plan, manage, and monitor safe drinking water programs. The site also helps funders to find peer reviewed and approved projects to fund, reports to read about their impact, and credible organizations to support.

CARE: Water

CARE’s water strategy empowers people to make decisions about their own water and sanitation systems and water management by changing the ways governments do business on a local, municipal and state level, particularly for the most vulnerable and marginalized populations. CARE’s website includes detailed information about their water portfolio, current partnerships, and CARE-sponsored publications.

Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology

CAWST is a Canadian charity and licensed engineering firm. They address the global need for safe drinking water and sanitation by building local knowledge and skills on household solutions people can implement themselves.

charity: water

Charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. The website includes stories from the field; an interactive Google Maps platform where individuals can track the progress of water projects; a ‘dollars to projects’ feature allowing individuals to follow the output of their donated dollars; and detailed information about charity: water partnerships.


Elrha’s Humanitarian Innovation Fund supports organizations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance. Through a series of clearly defined WASH Innovation Challenges, the HIF is seeking novel solutions from far and wide to address some of the most pressing challenges faced by emergency WASH practitioners working in humanitarian crises globally.

Evidence Action

Evidence Action launched formally in 2013 to scale programs with sustainable business models that have been proven to be effective so that they benefit millions of people. Evidence Action leads and manages the Dispensers for Safe Water program incubated by Innovations for Poverty Action.

Global Water Partnership

GWP’s vision is a water secure world. Their mission is to advance governance and management of water. They are a large, diverse, inclusive, multi-stakeholder partnership that supports communities and countries to improve the way they manage water.

Lifewater International

Lifewater International partners with the poor to bring safe water, health, and wholeness to communities in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The website features an interactive strategy map, project map, and curated library of technical WASH reports.


OHorizons is a nonprofit coalition of technical, social, and commercial innovators. They solve persistent global challenges that limit communities’ ability to survive and thrive. They do this by leveraging a global network of specialists to develop and deploy solutions that are characterized as Low-Tech, High-Thinking.


PSI is a global health organization that specializes in developing markets for health products and services, including water, sanitation and hygiene, to ensure they are accessible and used by low-income consumers in the developing world.

Safe Water Network

Safe Water Network strives to develop sustainable, scalable, market-based solutions that provide safe, affordable water to underserved populations. The Field Insight Series features detailed project information about two initiatives: Safe Water Kiosks and Rainwater Harvesting. All the projects are currently operating in Ghana and India.

The Water Trust

The Water Trust empowers the poorest rural communities in East Africa to provide their children safe water and a healthy, clean environment to develop to their potential.


WaterAid is an international NGO seeking to improve access to safe water, provide effective sanitation and hygiene education to the world’s poorest people, and influence policy at national and international levels. In addition to providing policy and research reports, statistics and a list of sustainable technologies, WaterAid’s website includes interactive educational materials for students and teachers to learn more about the WASH sector. works with local partners to establish community-based programs funded through a combination of grants and loans. Available on the website are success stories, project descriptions, and detailed information about WaterCredit, an innovative program that puts microfinance tools to work in the water and sanitation sector.

Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

WSUP helps transform cities to benefit the millions who lack access to water and sanitation.

Water For People

Water For People brings together local entrepreneurs, civil society, governments, and communities to establish creative, collaborative solutions that allow people to build and maintain their own reliable safe water systems.

Water Mission

Water Mission is a nonprofit Christian engineering organization serving the water and sanitation needs of people in developing countries and disaster areas. Water Missions International uses low-maintenance, appropriate water technologies for drinking water treatment and distribution, wastewater management, and storm water control. Two technologies are featured on the website: Living Water Treatment System and Sanitary Pit Latrine.

Winrock International

Winrock International addresses water issues through comprehensive programs targeting sustainable strategies for use and conservation within communities, watersheds and regions. Their Multiple-Use Water Services (MUS) is an integrated, client-oriented approach that couples water service delivery with supporting programs in health, livelihoods and environment. Current projects include Native American Water Improvement Program, the Building Responsibility for the Delivery of Government Services (BRIDGE), and the USAID West Africa Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Initiative.

World Vision: Water and Sanitation

World Vision’s work includes the provision of wells and water systems. In areas where a water system is installed, communities are empowered to form WASH committees and are trained in pump operation and maintenance. Find fast facts on the global water crisis and a Twitter feed of the latest news from the water sector on the site.