Start-up moves to pre-production prototype development followed by mass production

October 2, 2018; Ormond-by-the-Sea, Florida, U.S. – Sun Fresh Water, LLC (SFW), in partnership with the Center for Advanced Engineering Design and Development of The City College of New York is pleased to announce that the US Patent Office has informed the company that their claims have been approved and that two patents for their Portable Solar Powered Desalinization System are forthcoming.

Professor Ali Sadegh, co-founder of The Center For Advanced Engineering Design and Development, and Director of the engineering center stated: “We’re delighted to be awarded the recognition of the US Patent Office. This is not only a positive achievement for our team, but more importantly for the world as this system provides a significant, sustainable solution to the global challenge of providing access to potable water. We envision the development of Smart Villages including Sun Fresh Water Farms, to address the suffering of people throughout the world.”

Initially, the Smart Village Project will utilize a Water Farm to assess the system`s efficacy to address the challenge of providing sufficient water to twenty-five (25) families of four (4) to satisfy their needs for each of the following: personal consumption; hygiene; household sanitation; small traditional garden (10 sq. meters); and domestic animals. A communal hydroponic garden will also be included within the Water Farm. SFW plans on working in conjunction with the Global Water Partnership – Caribbean to assess the efficacy of the Water Farm concept.

“Our goal is to bring this system to market as expeditiously as possible in light of the fact that an estimated 8,000 people perish each day because of lack of access to adequate potable water,” Sadegh said. “This problem will continue to increase in severity if we do not find creative solutions to bring clean water to those who can benefit most. We believe we have such a solution.”

Accomplishing this goal requires that the SFW Team develop a pre-production prototype, and identify cost-efficient, mass-production options. While numerous prototypes have been built, and the alpha proof-of-concept has been confirmed, an optimized system is still needed.

“We realistically believe that we may be able to increase our current production by as much as 300% with a factory-delivered product that includes optimized energy capabilities,” Sadegh said. “Our next step is perfecting internal components for reducing water surface tension while increasing surface area to expedite vaporization, determining the ideal base composition, and utilizing nano-technology in the base surface.“

With the dramatic effects of global warming a portable, solar powered system of water purification may meet the challenge enunciated by President John F, Kennedy when he proclaimed:

“If we could produce fresh water from salt water at a low cost, that would indeed be a great service to humanity, and would dwarf any other scientific accomplishment.”

­President John F. Kennedy, 1962

In addition to the myriad benefits for human health, disease reduction, and health care cost savings, the system under development by the SFW Team also holds the prospect of having implications for addressing the challenges of global warming, the immigration and refugee crises, the threat of water wars, and incomprehensible human suffering.

The patent applications include:

Patent Application 15/628,890

Patent Application 14/969,076

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